Introduction to Ansible

Hello There, This is the first article of the series on configuration management with Ansible. I hope this will give you hands on real practice time , working knowledge with Ansible Using Ansible Now that we have our default inventory and our infrastructure defined in the mother article, let’s see what we can do with […]

How to create virtualhost on ubuntu

Hello All, In this blog, I am going to document how I do most of my co-hostings using apache2 virtualhost. I will be using virtualbox and ubuntu 14.04 guest. Preparatory work Usually I create a virtual machine with 2 network interfaces. [text] eth0 <— NAT adapter IP: eth1 <— HostOnly adpater IP: [/text] […]

How to install Multiple instances of tomcat on a single ubuntu server

This article is the first part of my serie : load balancing using mod_jk Let’s install first java using openjdk: [bash] $ sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre [/bash] In fact in the previous command we are just installing the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). If there is a case where you would need the Development ToolKit (JDK) […]

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