Using ansible for web deployment

Hello Guys, this is a second post of the configuration management with ansible series. Second post after Introduction to ansible . Previously we learned how to use ansible to automate the installation of wordpress and mysql database using ansible playbook. It’s time to spice things up a little bit. The purpose of this second post […]

Introduction to Ansible

Hello There, This is the first article of the series on configuration management with Ansible. I hope this will give you hands on real practice time , working knowledge with Ansible Using Ansible Now that we have our default inventory and our infrastructure defined in the mother article, let’s see what we can do with […]

Configuration Management with Ansible

Hi There, We will look into Ansible, one of the configuration management tools that are standing out. The reason why I like Ansible so much is that, with it, it’s actually easy to breakdown configuration management fundamentals to anyone with basic system administration skills or say, to anyone who knows how to use a terminal […]

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