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About joseph (Black Sensei)

My name is kodjo-kuma M. Djomeda, but everyone calls me Joseph(surprisingly the name joseph is nowhere on my offical papers, thanks to my sister Hortense 😉 ).

While this name of this blog can sound funny and surprising the actual reason is that this blog is not the type of blog which brags about technical know how of the authors neither shows off its authors technical expertise. This blog is a testimony of lessons learned through pain after hitting blockers and other “onlyGodknows” issues software engineers face in day to day work.

On a more Serious Note

I currenlty live in Ghana, and work for Dreamoval Ltd, one of the best IT solution providers in Africa, based in Ghana, as a Software Engineer and quickly inherited the setting up and management of decicated servers in the server farm. I also recently found myself in the shoes of a DevOps Engineers.


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