Maven, Spring 3.2, JPA, Hibernate,twitter boostrap put together

Hello, Most of the time when I google for how to use the mentioned technology together, I usually don’t find any complete one. I then have to compose between 2 or 3 different tutorials in order to have to big picture. That alone is a hustle because the tutorials I compose are from different authors thus use different styles, technology versions and different IDEs. At the end, I happen to use more brain processing power than required and lots of assumptions. In this tutorial i will try my best to show how to use them and produce a usable tutorial not just a hello world application.
I will be using Netbeans 7.3 installed on a Linux Mint Nadia.

To help the reader going progressively, I’ve decided to break down the tutorial in to different, “skippable” and complete parts


  1. Ewurama

    Great tutorials. Thanks for this Kodjo!!

    1. kodjo-kuma djomeda (Post author)

      mmmh this is not free for you eh! I am glad it helped


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