Connect Azure to AWS with a VPN using openswan and vyos

Hello Guys,

Today, I would like to experiment with VyOS. I have been using OpenSwan for quite sometime and I really like how simple it is to use. However, it seems it has not been updated in a while and it’s repository replaced by StrongSwan. StrongSwan is still maintained and in my opinion the most documented however with the “swans” there are some changes which would require a restart of the service. For that reason I have been looking at an alternative and VyOS seems to be the perfect one.

I came up with a plan. In order to have a meaningful experimentation, I decided to host Openswan(Which I know well) on Azure (Which I don’t know too well) and VyOs(Which I don’t know too well) on AWS (which I know very well). So this tutorial is going to be in 3 parts:

Part 1 :: Configuration on AWS: VyOS
Part 2 :: Configuration on Azure: OpenSwan
Part 3 :: Establishing VPN between OpenSwan And VyOS

Of course both Azure and AWS have their own VPN as a Service but if you need anything like route public IP through the VPN or any fancy stuff you will have to roll out your own. For some reason, I seem to consistently run into such special cases off late, especially with some telcos 😕 .

I hope this would be useful to you. Let’s get started with part 1 then.

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