The awakening of the Giant Microsoft

Nadella beside microsoft logo
Satya Nadella, the man behind the awakening

With .NET Core released as open source not being news anymore, I think even though I am not a Microsoft fan , this is a huge step in the awakening of the giant. According to Paul Krill of Infoworld, Experts agree that it’s not currently threatening Java. My personal view is that Microsoft is totally aware of the fact that it will take time for an open source community to pick up and grow stronger. So they would do what it takes to make this a viable competition.

What I would do if I Nadella is dedicate teams to provide the community with tools, helping with all sort of porting. Porting of their Just In Time component , join the mono project or offer a better support for competing Operating Systems such as Linux and Mac. I would also focus on building a Visual Studio that would be cross platform compatible offering same or better language supports as Intellij , Netbeans or Eclipse. Considering what Nadella has achieved in a year, bringing competition to Google on Cloud Computing, this is not far fetched.

For me as a software engineer not having to switch to Windows Operating System in order to do some work in C# is a big deal, and it’s enough to consider this a serious competition to java that I like so much. While waiting for that to be a reality, I tried out on a Windows machine the community edition of Visual Studio 2013 update 4, I must admit that I was blown away.

Time to get back to C# ^_^

What you think?

4 thoughts on “The awakening of the Giant Microsoft

  1. Thanks for your comment @Dennis. In fact microsoft was already involved in some level of open source stuff, I think their kind of sourceforge is called codeplex. But to the extend to open up core functionality of the .NET core … that’s a culture shock that would never had happened during Gate or Balmer time. Most of people like tooling available in .NET etc but the cost of ownership or the platform with either licensing make it hard to sustain. So most people turn to java which host nicely on linux etc.

    Will see how they would arrange their licensing bit. Already hosted outlook cloud service licensing is huge competition to google Apps.

  2. Good article, although most of your concerns have already been addressed. You should go read on their recent tour announcement and plans for 2015,a lot of cross platform support.

    1. Hi thanks for your comment, it’s more of a wish list than a concern. But your contribution is well received and appreciated. I am guessing you are making reference to this article . But until that becomes a reality still their community won’t pick up unless a clear strategy towards that goal. But I am still not clear on the tooling. .NET can run on Linux etc but Visual Studio being a tool itself is not open sourced So I am guessing there is a difference between the RUN TIME and the IDE . just like IntelliJ and Java SKD. 2 different things

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