Infrastructure as code: Deployment to AWS using Terraform

Today, I would like to talk about Terraform, a tool I didn’t know I needed until I got to use it. This tutorial is not really what you would expect from a “how-to” or a “getting started” one. But in a way, it introduces you to Terraform the way I would have wanted it to be done for me.

This post will assume that you already know AWS a bit, that you have played with its SDK or API and more importantly that you have already installed Terraform on your machine. If not, it’s actually really easy to install Terraform anyway because the guys at Hashicorp have solid documentation. We will be creating our AWS infrastructure with Terraform following a gradual approach defined below. The full code for this tutorial is available on git htttps:// I have broken the tutorial down in a series of 5 articles. There are different branches in the git repo which represent a step or an article in our series. I hope this helps

  • Part 1
    • Create your AWS IAM user with access key and secret
    • Optionally install the AWS CLI
    • Initialize Terraform
    • Proof of concept infra
    • Creating a simple infra with no VPC
  • Part 2
    • Creating a simple instance in a VPC
  • Part 3
    • Creating an Instance and an RDS in a VPC
  • Part 4
    • Creating an Instance and an RDS in a VPC using Terrorm modules
    • Creating our setup using Terraform modules and workspaces
  • Part 5
    • Creating our setup using Terraform cloud

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